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Brick by Brick

For Individuals with ADHD

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Life can be hard. Life with ADHD can be even harder. The battles you have with ADHD leave you feeling tired, irritable, overwhelmed, and unsure of what to do. It is possible that if you are reading this ADHD has been making life difficult for you:  constant thoughts in your mind, BIG emotions, and the invisible barrier that stops you from getting up and doing what you KNOW needs to be done.  Living with ADHD means dealing with cycles that keep repeating and cause frustration, defensiveness, guilt, shame, low mood, no energy, or sometimes, lashing out and substance use. The reactions from others can feel judgemental or "they just don't get it."  The struggling is very, very real. You don't know what to do to help yourself; the obstacles seem insurmountable. If it seems endless - you are not alone.

You have come this far, so that tells me you haven’t been able to find anything that has helped you manage ADHD, and it is likely that you have been on this journey for a while. If you feel skeptical - I get it. I also want to say, "Good for you for investing time to learn about ADHD. My experience in working with people with ADHD is life better can be better. And you deserve it."

I am happy you are here. I have seen how life-changing it is to finally get the support and resources that you need and the impact it has on your life!

You are going to have more…

Trust in your own abilities… 
Enjoyable moments with yourself, friends, and family…  
A calm brain!

You’re on the path to claiming all of those things! Think of it as you are building a house, one brick at a time. Essential information, tools, and strategies will help decrease the obstacles that ADHD brings and allow you to start living in a way that feels like you are actually in charge of your life. Learn to develop routines, manage parts of the day with more ease, and feel capable and competent.  You don't have to feel anxious anymore. You don't have to feel like things are always going to turn out the same way. You can start to make changes and feel confident and happy with yourself.


This step-by-step group led by Rolynda, an ADHD Certified Clinical Services Provider, will increase your understanding of ADHD and provide you with tools and strategies to help you take charge of ADHD. You deserve to have peace of mind, get unstuck from ADHD symptoms, and feel calm, grounded, and in control. 

Here is an idea of what’s in this powerful workshop series: 

Uncover ADHD

Understand what ADHD is, and learn how to it makes certain things in life difficult. Learn how ADHD works and what symptoms cause you the MOST impairments through the latest science-based information. Learn about getting diagnosed, medication, and the most important ways to take care of yourself.

Calm the Conflict

Emotional dysregulation is a real things for ADHD'ers. Learn WHY this happens and the most effective ways to help yourself when big emotions roll in. Discover powerful strategies that will help you step into situations, steady and calm, and to manage intense emotions - wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

Create Confidence

Confidence cannot be bought; it must be won. Examine how ADHD shows up in your life and identify ways to manage it, so you feel like your life actually belongs to you! Learn tools and techniques to help you create habits and routines that will have you feeling competent, capable, and confident.

Unlock Transformation

Unravel the symptoms and obstacles of ADHD so you know exactly what it looks like in your life. To create lasting relief and empowerment, you need to understand executive function skills and identify the ones you need, then be able to take steps to develop them.  This is where true, transformative growth happens! You don't have to say, "I can't" anymore!

Spark Change

Change is only going to come from you. Don't wait for a magic solution. Learn how to explain ADHD to others in your life and ask for what you need, rather than masking. You can stop pretending. Stop feeling like a failure. Stop being told you aren't enough. Get the tools that will help you communicate with people in your life about ADHD and start feeling at home within yourself.

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Here’s what you get:

A trained educator and therapist.

That’s me! 19 years of experience and training backed by a heart and soul commitment to impact and transform the way you are living; to help you create positive change and level up your confidence. Plus I am an ADHD'er too. So I get it. 


Choose one workshop. Choose them all. It is up to you. 

You read that right. You can choose one, or as many as you like. Sign up one a time. This isn't a big program that you have to commit to.


Inspiring workshops, with content that will create a lasting impact on you. 

Workshops with information, strategies, and tools that will leave you equipped and inspired to live life the way you want – calm and in control. AND... you will not be bored.


Access to Community 

A place to connect with others who have ADHD, where you can be yourself, share, and learn. Most of all, you will hear that you are not alone in the way that you feel or think. This will be a place of community for you, and for others who are facing similar challenges, to share thoughts, challenges, and wins with each other… a place to feel seen & heard, get support, and to reset during hard times! 

Workshop Details

Workshop Length:
2 hours/workshop
Start date:
Sept. 26, 2024

Join a Brick by Brick workshop and get access to:

Coaching and counselling for a great price from someone who KNOWS.
A place to talk freely about your experiences without being judged
Information to help you make changes that will lead to more confidence and satisfaction 
Resources with information, ideas, and tools to try out immediately 
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