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Normalize the Nerves

A Program for Parents with Anxious Kids

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Your child is anxious. You are doing everything you can to help. NOTHING YOU DO is working. Anxiety cannot be avoided, and you need an approach that is actually going to make a difference.


You have come this far, and that tells me you haven’t been able to find anything that works, and it is likely that you have been on this journey to help them (and not having much success) for awhile.

Most importantly, good for you for investing time to learn about what is going to make life better for your child – and for you. I am so happy for you because I know the life-changing experience of finally getting the support and resources that you need and the impact it will have on your kid, you, and the family.


You will have more…

Calm…  Peace…  Confidence… 
Trust in your own abilities… 
Enjoyable moments with your child… Tools & strategies to help them to handle things… 

You’re on the path to claiming all of those things within just a few short months!

You will have all the essential, research-based information, tools, and strategies to stop the struggle and start effectively supporting your child to manage anxiety, start problem-solving, and developing resilience. You can guide them to practice courage and step into opportunities that wil lbuild them up.

This step-by-step group program led by me, your trained therapist, will increase your understanding of anxiety, give you a concrete approach to work with your child, and provide you with tools and strategies to stop the worry and big fears so you can feel like you can effectively help them AND live life the way you both want – calm, confident, resilient, and relaxed.

Here is an idea of what’s included in this powerful group program: 

Uncover Anxiety & Worry

You need to know what you’re up against and make it your friend. Understand where anxiety and worry come from and how they operate so you can make sense of what’s happening for your child.

Overpower Uncertainty

The more you focus on the uncertainty that is bothering your child, the more they will feel the need to control everything. Explore the compelling ways uncertainty holds onto your child and discover powerful methods that will help you step into those big, uncertain moments, feeling assured and calm, armed with your toolbox full of productive and effective things to say that will empower them to move through the discomfort.

Create Confidence

Confidence cannot be bought; it must be won. Use the supportive and clear exercises, worksheets, handouts to help you examine the role of anxiety in your child’s life and increase your mastery of techniques to move you toward the ultimate goal of helping your child manage anxiety with bold confidence and tenacity.

Unlock Transformation

Unravel the symptoms and methods of control from anxiety to access a guided discovery of the role anxiety plays in your child’s life; mentally, emotionally, and physically. Learn how to use situations as opportunities to support your child to practice courage, resilience, and problem-solving that will lead to their transformation.

Spark Change

Change happens from within you, not outside of you. Learn a holistic approach that you can use to support your child to overcome the fear brought on by anxiety, worry, and panic and help spark a change in them to feel strong and confident. Using this approach, your child will learn to lean into difficult and uncomfortable experiences, rather than avoid them.

Cultivate Calm

The nature of anxiety and worry is draining and makes it difficult to show up in life in the present moment. Learn to notice signs of anxiety and worry, then discover tools that will allow you to help your child leave the past or future and access awareness of the present moment.

Here’s what you get:

A trained educator and therapist

That’s me! 19 years of experience and training backed by a heart and soul commitment to impact and transform the way you and your child are living, to create positive change and to level up your parenting game. 


The equivalent of 8 one-to-one counselling sessions 

You read that right. For a seriously reduced price, you get instant access to support from a therapist without being on waitlist.  


A supportive and informative program, with content that will create a transformation in your house 

This program is packed full of the most current research-based information, strategies, and tools that will leave you equipped to handle the situations from an informed place, with strategies and tools that will make a positive difference in the life of your child. 


Access to Community 

Our private group will be where you can connect with me to share gems, insights and experiences and learn more! Our group is a place of community for you, and for those who are facing similar challenges, to share insights, challenges, and wins with each other - a place to feel seen & heard, receive support, and to reset during those hard times!

Program Logistics

Length of program:
2 months 
Session Duration:
2 hours/session
Start date:
Fall  2023
Session Frequency:
2 sessions/month 

Join the Normalize the Nerves group and get access to:

8 hours of counselling  
Free access to Normalize the Nerves online course   
Lifetime Access to Community  
Course Workbook full of amazing worksheets, handouts, and exercises   
Guided Exercises to manage physical sensations
Guided exercises to manage emotions
Guided Meditations to work with anxiety from the body
Enroll Today For Only  $499

Payment Options:

One-time Payment:

$499 + GST
~ or ~ 
2 Monthly Payments:

$275 + GST

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