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This series of workshops led by Rolynda Simpson, your trained therapist, will increase your peace of mind, get you unstuck from anxiety’s grip, and help you take charge of anxiety so you can feel calm, grounded, and in control. 


Here’s what you get: 


1. A trained educator and therapist  

That’s me! 19 years of experience and training backed by a heart and soul commitment to impact and transform the way you are living; to help you create positive change and level up your confidence. 


2. The equivalent of 8 one-to-one counselling sessions 

You read that right. For a seriously reduced price, you get access to support from a therapist without being on waitlist.  


3. An inspiring workshop series, with content that will create a lasting impact on you 

This series is packed full of the most current research-based information, strategies, and tools that will leave you equipped and inspired to live life the way you want – calm and in control. 


4. Access to Community 

Our private space - a place to connect with me, share your wins and insights, and learn from the experiences of others. Our group will be a place of community for you, and those who are facing similar challenges, to share thoughts, challenges, and wins with each other… a place to feel seen & heard, get support, and to reset during hard times! 



Length of program: 2 months 

Session Frequency: 2 sessions/month 

Session Duration: 2 hours/session 

Format: In-Person 


START DATE:  Fall 2023




  • 8 hours of counselling
  • Access to The Anxiety Solution Course
  • Course Workbook (full of amazing worksheets, handouts, and exercises) 



  • Ebook for Guided Exercises for ManagingThoughts  

  • Ebook for Guided Meditations to Manage Anxiety from Your Body


Enroll Today for: $299


Payment Options: 

One-time payment:                                                                            



2 Monthly payments: 


The Anxiety Solution: In-Person Workshops for Individuals with Anxiety

Excluding GST/HST
Price Options
One-time purchase
2 Monthly Payments
C$175.00every month for 2 months
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