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Terri Wilson

BA, BEd, MEd, MACP Candidate

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Here's what I believe.

I believe that the human experience is a journey filled with moments of growth, learning, and connection. Life can be incredibly mysterious and meaningful, but it is helpful to have community or safe places to be when we face challenges and moments where we feel stuck.

With support, self-compassion, and a willingness to explore new perspectives, we can find a way out, emerging with a deeper understanding of ourselves and a greater sense of purpose, with hopefully both boots still on our feet on the other side of it. Ultimately, I believe that each person has the capacity to navigate their unique path and create a life that authentically aligns with their values and aspirations.

Why I Care.

I wanted to become a therapist because I believe in the power of human connection and the profound impact that listening, empathy, and support can have on people's lives. What inspires me is the resilience of the human spirit—the way people can face hardship and still find the strength to grow, heal, and create positive change. It is a sacred privilege to be a part of that journey, helping people discover their inner resources and supporting them as they navigate the challenges life on lifeʼs terms brings.

I find fulfillment in seeing people embrace their own potential, make meaningful choices, and build healthier relationships. What I love about this work is the opportunity to witness transformation—when someone begins to see themselves with more compassion, gains clarity on their goals, or feels empowered to take steps toward a more fulfilling life, that is something special.


Each person's journey is unique, and it is a gift to walk alongside them, offering guidance and encouragement along the way.

My Education & Credentials.

I am a student member with BCACC and a Yorkville University graduate candidate working towards the final stages of a Masterʼs degree in Counselling Psychology. 

Over many years, I have worked in public, private and post secondary education across populations. I have an approach and IIRP certified training in Restorative Practices, as well as a Train the trainer certification in this process. I hold a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Education and a Masters of Education. 

I have worked with many families and young people through a trauma informed lens and with those experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma experiences, and other disorders.

Client Focus: Couples, families, individuals, children (starting at 14+)

Issues: General mental health issues, anxiety, depression, relationships, self care, self improvement, learning disabilities, neurodivergence

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