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Billie Sankey

Registered Clinical Counsellor

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Here's what I believe.

I believe that the strongest of all human needs is love and belonging. This need places

relationships of all forms—including with oneself— at the core of everyone’s challenges. These

challenges often arise when we focus our energy on fulfilling someone else's needs above our

own and are unable to identify the areas in our lives we can control. Self-reflection is

the key to identifying the choices we make that are not benefiting us. A safe and honest

therapeutic relationship will promote this reflection and model a healthy, engaging, and

empathetic relationship. My goal is to provide you with a safe space in which you will be

accepted emphatically and genuinely as we walk together towards a feeling of relief and


My clinical approach is centered around our five basic human needs: love and belonging,

survival, power and control, freedom, and fun. In understanding the level of importance each of

those needs holds for you, we will uncover the areas in your life that you are experiencing a

lack of fulfillment. Additionally, we will focus on your goals—or your wants—and determine

how they can be attained. Another key piece of my practice is focused on your individual

identity, all of the many external factors that work against you in your day to day life, and what

choices you can make each day to combat those things that are beyond your control.

Why I Care.

Every human deserves a space in which they can express themselves physically and emotionally

in their most genuine fashion. Finding somewhere and someone who can provide them that

can be intimidating, and I am incredibly honoured to hold that space for you.


Each of us are vastly different, however, my “why” for everyone will always remain that I care

deeply about your identity and what makes you you. Regardless of why you’ve chosen to seek

counselling, I will meet you where you are and collaboratively work with you towards yours

goals no matter how big or small. I work with a wide range of people from teens, young adults,

adults, couples, and am very passionate about serving the LGBTQ2S+ community. Together we

will explore your needs and gain an understanding of what you can do to find fulfillment where

it is lacking for you in a judgement free and supportive environment.

My Education & Credentials.

I completed my Bachelor of Arts majoring in psychology from Thompson Rivers University in

2021 having planned to continue my schooling with a Bachelor of Education up until the final

semester of my degree. After taking an Introduction to Canadian Counselling course at TRU I

realized that my true desire for wanting to work with other humans was the connection and

relationship building offered through counselling. In the fall of that same year, I began my

Master’s of Counselling through Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington with their

Canadian based cohort located in Kelowna.

After a year of commuting between Kamloops and Kelowna I made the decision to relocate to

Kelowna to complete my degree as well as my ten-month practicum experience. Throughout

my practicum I worked one on one with a wide range of individuals who came in with various

presenting problems such as anxiety, gender identity and sexual orientation, ADHD,

relationship concerns, work and familial boundaries, and many more. While attending classes

and completing my practicum I worked as a youth support worker where I support young

individuals in both full and part-time care who were experiencing various levels of mental

health struggles.

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the BCACC as of September 2023 and a Gonzaga

University graduate with a Master’s degree in Counselling.

Client Focus:

  • LGBTQ2S+ community

  • Adolescents 15+

  • Adults

  • Couples


  • HRT Readiness Assessment for Gender Affirming Care

  • Certification in Choice Theory and Reality Therapy 

  • Certification in Gottman Couples


Why People Work With Me

I am nothing if not an enthusiastic, skilled listener. Regardless of your story, I am ready to hear what

you have to say. People work with me because I provide a patient, empathetic landing spot for

you to either begin or continue your journey. I contribute gentle and honest encouragement as

you search for the control that’s missing from your life. I love mutual feedback and will

encourage you to comment on how the therapeutic relationship and techniques being used are

working for you. While I am fresh into this profession, I am an eager learner and will

continuously strive to increase my knowledge-base so I can meet the needs of clients.

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