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Rolynda Simpson

Canadian Certified Counsellor  (CCC)

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Here's what I believe.

I believe that everyone has a desire to live their best life, yet sometimes life challenges arise and leave us feeling uncertain about how to move forward to help ourselves or our loved ones.

It could be a difficult event, a painful relationship or a past experience; sometimes we feel stuck in our feelings which prevents us from processing, integrating, and moving forward. In my experience, people change when they connect to the right resources, engage in a safe, supportive, therapeutic relationship and can reconnect to their inner guide and intuition. Together we will explore what may be holding you back and identify steps to support your health and wellness.

Why I Care.

I have been where you are.

My journey into the world of counselling began many years ago when I decided to find a counsellor to get some clarity and support with parts of life that were keeping me stuck. I had a gut feeling that I could not continue to live life the way I was living. I needed to create some positive change by addressing pieces of the past that were affecting me at every level: cognitively, physically, spiritually, and behaviourally. Honestly, I knew if I didn’t address the past, I would lose my future. I chose to embark on a journey to free myself from the suffering that was shackled to me as a child. This journey led to an awakening. It was not sudden. It was not a starry night of transformation. The awakening was slow, and it required commitment, courage, vulnerability, and patience. Naturally, I am still on this journey.

My decision in 2011 to complete a Master degree was fueled by my childhood and career, as well as a deep drive to help others beyond the walls of a school. I didn’t know where the path was leading. I just knew I had to do it! In 2014, I opened my counselling practice, and began seeing clients, while teaching full time  and now today, I have amassed 20+ years of experience from the classroom and counselling office into a repertoire of skills, insights, training, and information and transformed it into the most effective approach for clients to get unstuck, create positive change and experience peace of mind.

My Education & Credentials.

It all began in high school, when we started exploring our interests and different careers. Instantly, I knew, that I was a “helper” and decided right then and there, in grade 10, that I was going to be a teacher. After living in Germany for a year after high school, I started my Bachelor of Arts then completed a Bachelor of Education. Time working in the public school system has amounted in vast experience and knowledge about difficulties that teens & adults commonly struggle with: Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, relationships, divorce, death, and peer conflict. Similarly, my experience also extends to working with parents in the areas of Anxiety, ADHD, special needs designations, parent-child relationships, and co-parenting amidst divorce. 


After 8 years of teaching, in 2011, I decided to pursue a Master of Education in Counselling. This was a journey – professionally and personally. Although I was not aware at the time, the decision to complete this degree was going to be absolutely pivotal in my life (I like to call these, “TSN turning points”). I graduated in 2014, became a Certified Canadian Counsellor and opened a small, part-time, private practice.  While teaching full-time, I built up my private practice by seeing clients in the evenings and doing continuing education in the areas of Anxiety, stress, Mindfulness, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, and executive functioning. By the time fall of 2020 rolled around, I felt a shift coming and knew it was time to make a change. I left the public school system to explore the opportunities a private practice could offer… and I have not looked back since. I have arrived to the place I am meant to be.  


My approach is client-centered, which means we work together using strategies that are best suited to you and your goals. You can expect me to be warm, and compassionate, listen without judgement, and provide clear, concrete tools and information. You can also expect humour and some good hearty laughs! 
Your overall health and wellness are important to me. I work with a variety of therapies that align all parts of the person by working with the brain and body connection. I practice a holistic approach to therapies that may integrate: 

  • Mindfulness (MBCT and MBSR)

  • Somatic Attachment Therapy 

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) 

  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)  

  • Polyvagal Theory 


Professional development is a high priority for me, and I am currently taking certification courses for Somatic Attachment Therapy and Complex Trauma. Recently, I completed certification and am now a Certified ADHD Clinical Services Provider.

I am here for you.  Together we will move through the MindAware 360* approach that will affect how you think, feel, and behave. Your capacity to tolerate discomfort and be present in the face of challenges will have ripple effects in your relationships. Success in therapy is based on a willingness to show up, expect positive results, integrate the learning, and use the tools you have acquired. Together we will move you forward so you can live your best life, feeling empowered and invigorated. 
I look forward to meeting you! 

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Recent Education.

  • Certified ADHD Clinical Services Provider (ADHD-CCSP) Intensive Training Course: Evidence-Based Strategies for Managing ADHD Across the Lifespan 

  • Somatic Attachment Therapy Certificate

  • Expert Ways to Work with Anxiety - The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioural Medicine 

  • The Neurobiology of Trauma - The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioural Medicine 

  • Breaking the Anxiety Cycle at School and at Home - Lynn Lyons 

  • Learning from the Raven - Dr. Martin Brokenleg 

  • Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction - Dr. Saki Santorelli and Florence Meleo-Meyer 

  • Treating Self-Destructive Behaviors in Trauma Survivors - Lisa Ferentz 

  • Advanced Training for Collaborative & Proactive Solutions Model -  Dr. Ross Greene 

  • San'Yas Indigenous Cultural Safety Training - Provincial Health Authority BC 

Why People Work With Me?

Because I am all heart. Just kidding! I am so much more than that! I am brains, heart, and guts. It takes all of these to sit in a place with a client, hear their story, and know how to approach their unique struggle, so they can get to the place where they feel empowered to live life the way they want. I work alongside clients and support them to uncover or re-discover their strengths, inner resources, and courage as they work through the things in their lives that are getting in the way of feeling fulfilled, connected, and a deep sense of inner calm and contentment.

People work with me because I am a teacher; I use visuals, drawings, and handouts because everyone learns differently, and I know how important it is to understand something before you try to implement it. I am a lifelong learner and expand my expertise regularly, so that I can provide the most current, research-based experience for you. Don’t worry though – my desire to keep learning doesn’t mean I am boring and dry. You can expect a warm smile, humour, and some good hearty laughs. Our work together will not feel stuffy or clinical. Most of all, people work with me because I truly want my clients to feel like they can breathe, with ease. While working with me, they learn about what keeps them stuck, how to move forward to create positive change, and ultimately, how to experience peace of mind. I was able to do this for myself and you can, too.


Hours of Counselling Delivered


Days of education and certification


Lives Transformed and Empowered.

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